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Dis/Trust In Management, And What To Do About It

That employees trust those in charge of an enterprise is vitally important for three reasons. Firstly, the more employees trust management, the more prepared they are to go above and beyond in pursuit of the organisation’s objectives. There is a cause-and-effect relationship, in other words, between trust in management and employee willingness. Secondly, a precondition...

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Our Latest Insights

Wendy Lambourne

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Improving Employee Trust And Maintaining Customer Service Even As A Manufacturing Site Is Being Closed – ‘Last Shift, Best Shift’

By Sean Hagger, formerly General Manager of the site; now a Legitimate Leadership Associate. By 2020, technology advances in automotive catalyst manufacturing, and competition from lower-cost new plants in other countries, resulted in one of the first plants to have produced the catalysts in the UK becoming uncompetitive. The whole sector was moving from growth...

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Case Studies


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