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Why True Leaders Never Blame Others (Or Circumstances)

COMMENT ON THIS ARTICLE BY WENDY LAMBOURNE, LEGITIMATE LEADERSHIP: Legitimate Leadership has a very practical and powerful tool that leaders can use to change in the first instance themselves, and thereafter their people, from what John Rex calls a “victim mindset” to a “responsible mindset”. This tool enables three shifts which together deliver a person...

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Our Latest Insights

John Rex

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Afrika Tikkun – An Astounding Culture Shift In One Year

Just because an NGO (non-governmental organisation) has a benevolent purpose and is non-profit-making doesn’t mean that its employees are engaged. As with any other organisation, special action is needed to address employee engagement. Improved employee engagement is something which almost all managers would like, but which many simply give up on. Afrika Tikkun is one...

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Case Studies


Legitimate Leadership has been applied in over 30 countries on five continents in the past 25 years. Some of our most recent clients include: