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Sean Hagger

Sean brings his passion and experience in organisational change management for global brands to the Legitimate Leadership team.

Having graduated in chemistry from Surrey University, Sean started the first phase of his career as an analytical chemist at Carlsberg, Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). While he progress in those organisations he also observed major organisational change. This sparked his passion for Lean Manufacturing and , at GSK, he completed his green belt in Six Sigma and ran several “Lean Lab” projects to improve manufacturing efficiency and performance.

In 2010 he moved full time into Lean at Johnson Matthey’s Clean Air Division manufacturing facility for catalytic converters for the European market.

At Johnson Matthey he worked on quality engineering, focusing on product and process design robustness. This role was also customer-facing as he was often asked to attend customer visits to explain how quality requirements were met throughout the design process. He then moved full time into major problem-solving projects, running multiple teams to resolve high-impact customer issues using structured problem-solving methodologies. His team rolled out the training and development of structured problem-solving process across multiple manufacturing sites.

He then worked as operations manager at Johnson Matthey’s catalytic converter plant in Royston, UK. The site leadership team constantly had to handle soaring and unpredictable demand while contending with a legacy plant and a very large product mix, a new ERP (enterprise resource planning) deployment and multiple stock builds. In April 2020 he was appointed plant manager and immediately had to contend with COVID-19.

Johnson Matthey then began major restructuring, and he was given the sad task of closing the plant, which employed over 800 people.

Sean started working full time for Legitimate Leadership in May 2022.

Based out of Cambridgeshire, Sean is married with three young children. He’s also an avid sports fan with a Google-like ability for football statistics. He loves attending live events, especially at Wembley. And he has also picked up marathon running again after a few years off.

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Rean du Plessis

Rean was born and raised in South Africa.

His first job, in 1980, was as a prison warden. He immediately began integrating psychology work with this job and came face to face with a lack of care and accountability.

He later moved to one of the largest gold mines in South Africa, working in training and development as well as leadership assessment. He then worked as an industrial psychologist for various organisations. .

In 1999 he began a career in executive coaching where he was co-director of one of the largest coaching companies in SA

His expertise today includes practical leadership experience, global executive leadership growth, behaviour assessment and management, industrial and organisational psychology, strategic business planning and analysis, risk evolution and mitigation, and project planning and execution.

As a consultant and executive coach he has worked for a wide range of companies, in many places – including Rössing Uranium Mine of Namibia, the Saudi Arabia Saline Water Conversion Company, the Botswana Power Corporation, Kenya Syngenta & Monsanto, Volvo, Glencore, Anglo American, etc.

Rean received the Da Vinci Mandala Research Award for applying the principles of systems thinking to his PhD research.

In his spare time, Rean enjoys spending time with his family, writing, travelling, and on the farm with his cattle.