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Rean du Plessis

Rean was born and raised in South Africa.

His first job, in 1980, was as a prison warden. He immediately began integrating psychology work with this job and came face to face with a lack of care and accountability.

He later moved to one of the largest gold mines in South Africa, working in training and development as well as leadership assessment. He then worked as an industrial psychologist for various organisations. .

In 1999 he began a career in executive coaching where he was co-director of one of the largest coaching companies in SA

His expertise today includes practical leadership experience, global executive leadership growth, behaviour assessment and management, industrial and organisational psychology, strategic business planning and analysis, risk evolution and mitigation, and project planning and execution.

As a consultant and executive coach he has worked for a wide range of companies, in many places – including Rössing Uranium Mine of Namibia, the Saudi Arabia Saline Water Conversion Company, the Botswana Power Corporation, Kenya Syngenta & Monsanto, Volvo, Glencore, Anglo American, etc.

Rean received the Da Vinci Mandala Research Award for applying the principles of systems thinking to his PhD research.

In his spare time, Rean enjoys spending time with his family, writing, travelling, and on the farm with his cattle.

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Rachael Cowin

After studying engineering, Rachael spent over 20 years in the chemical industry, leading teams to deliver change within busy production environments while also serving as a member of a site management team. While technically interesting, it was always the people side of her work that was of particular concern and motivation for her. She thus took every opportunity to become involved in coaching and development.

Half way through her career she was exposed to the Legitimate Leadership framework. She recognised this as the leadership approach to which she had been aspiring.

In 2016 she became an independent consultant, assisting clients in delivering successful engineering projects through interim management, supporting studies, team capability and systems.

Rachael lives with her husband in the lovely Ribble Valley in the north west of England. Outside work she is keen on getting plenty of exercise, and jumps into any creative craft that comes her way. Recently, for instance, she has turned her enjoyment of doodling towards work-based visual facilitation and sketchnoting (note-taking using both words and visuals).

Andrew Turner

Andrew has over 30 years of experience of working as a leader in human resources management.

After completing an initial degree in industrial psychology, he embarked on his HR career in the mining sector, where he worked in training and industrial relations.

He then returned to university to complete a post graduate diploma in management. He then briefly worked in the banking sector.

He later worked as the regional human resources director responsible for 20 African countries for an international security services and facilities management organisation. He then took on a larger role as the regional HR director for the Asia-Middle East region of the business. Based in Hong Kong for four years, he was responsible for 37 countries spanning Australasia, south east and south Asia, and China. He gained great experience in culturally-diverse environments.

On returning to South Africa, Andrew worked in the biotech sector.

Andrew has experience in HR strategy, business mergers and integration, change management, leadership development and organisational development. He has been a consultant in HR strategy, policy and leadership since 2015, and joined Legitimate Leadership in March 2021. Andrew spends his spare time reading, hiking, fishing, camping and doing wildlife photography.

Legitimate Leadership

Maureen Collins

Joolz Lewis

Growing up as a dual British-French national in the UK, Joolz developed a cultural sensitivity that has shaped her work as an adult. After graduating she joined a consulting firm which relocated her to California at the height of the dot com era to work with Cisco. There she led and launched their global Channel Training Partner sales certification program, before moving on to similar work with other Telecoms giants.

This was followed by the opportunity to set up and run a team in Houston for Compaq (pre-HP merger), to support their Enterprise-wide customer relationship management (CRM) roll-out. After identifying the change barriers and working with leaders across the US and UK sales organisations to drive adoption she then worked for the start-up arm of the consulting business to develop a CRM sales ‘plug-in’. In hindsight this was a very early version of an app!

Many sleepless nights later, she took a sabbatical to train as a yoga teacher and travel across Peru and to India (which she still loves to visit whenever possible).

Back in the UK, she continued to work as a project manager, business analyst and change management consultant in the CRM space. In 2008 she became an independent consultant focusing on leadership and culture.

Joolz has always believed that organisations need to become more human-centred, purpose and values-led. When she was introduced to the Legitimate Leadership Model, she instantly recognized that it addressed all the challenges her clients wrestled with, while translating the theory into practice in a real and structured way.

Now living in Somerset, England, Joolz loves walking in nature, yoga and gardening. She volunteers for an India-based charity that offers education and empowerment programmes to women who have no other means or livelihood. She lives with her husband, has a stepson and is an adoring aunt to her four nieces and nephews.